Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Course Descriptions

Term 3 2013 - 2014

CH03  Historical Studies III (Day and Evening)

CH56  Reformed Orthodoxy in America

CS01  Church and Society

ED22  Organization & Administration in Congregational Education

EV15  Planting and Leading New Churches

HM11  Voice and Speech Practicum

HM24  Preaching from the Old Testament

MI10  History of Christian Mission (Evening)

MS10  PCUSA Polity

MU40  Black Churches and Contemporary Public Life

NT02  New Testament Letters

NT05  New Testament Exegesis.Gagnon

NT05  New Testament Exegesis.Platt

NT15  The Gospel of John

NT40  Greek Reading

OT05  Hebrew Exegesis

OT12  The Book of Deuteronomy

PS03  Pastoral Studies: Homiletics (Day and Evening)

SCT303  Public Theology in the City

TH01  Introduction to Systematic Theology

TH09  Christology and Atonement

TH45  Re-Thinking Church (Evening)

TH89  Theology of Karl Rahner