Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Christian Leadership Certificate Program

The Christian Leadership Certificate (CLC) is an undergraduate level certificate program designed for persons interested in Christian leadership in the urban community. This two-year program of biblically-oriented seminars seeks to expand one’s knowledge of Scripture and address issues of importance to urban ministry. The program emphasizes:

  • the development of a working knowledge of Scripture
  • practical ministry
  • Christian education
  • church-based community organizing
  • evangelism methods

MUI utilizes a diverse group of educators in our teaching staff and urban practitioners from throughout Greater Pittsburgh and the world. MUI makes high quality theological education available at a low cost to persons who, ordinarily, would be unable to attend Seminary due to educational challenges or lack of financial resources. The program prepares all students to continue their education toward an associate or bachelor degree. MUI has established educational partnerships with several undergraduate degree-bearing colleges and universities that accept all the CLC credit hours toward degrees.

CLC Classes include:

  • Writing for Academic Success
  • Old Testament Survey
  • New Testament Survey
  • Introduction to Theology
  • Introduction to Urban Ministry
  • Church History
  • Parish Education
  • Ethics
  • Spiritual Formation

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