Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Endowed Scholarships to Which Donors May Contribute

Gifts of $7,500 or more generate amounts that have a significant impact on annual scholarship awards.

Merit Scholarships

The Thomas Chalmers Honors Endowment Scholarship Fund
Established in 1999 to acknowledge excellent students who display gifts for Christian leadership

The Carl Andreas Hiaasen Family Honors Scholarships
Established in 1995 by Carl Andreas Hiaasen through his estate, and including The Clara Judith Landmark Hiaasen Honors Scholarship, The Carl Andreas Hiaasen Honors Scholarship, and The Kermit Odell Hiaasen Honors Scholarship

The Carl A. Hiaasen Honors Scholarship
Established in 1981 by Abraham L. Mailman in honor of his friend, Carl Andreas Hiaasen

The Herbert Lamberson Presidential Scholarship Endowment
Established in 2010 by Herbert Lamberson through his estate

First Presbyterian Church, Flint, Michigan: The David E. Molyneaux Honors Scholarship
Established in 1977 by the church in honor of their pastor

First Presbyterian Church, Neenah, Wisconsin: The Neenah Honors Scholarship
Established by the church and funded with grants from the John N. Bergstrom Endowment Fund

The Catherine and Andrew Purves Merit Scholarship
Established in 2006 by John and Virginia Ferguson of Atlanta, Ga.

Eric Vinsel, Thomas Chalmers Scholar
Eric Vinsel completed a year-long internship for his church planting emphasis. “It was also an opportunity to test out many ideas about how best to address the issue of poverty actively,” says Eric. His primary responsibilities at Imago Dei, in Chicago, were working with youth and running the homeless ministry. “Now I equate personal piety with loving actions and hospitality,” Eric notes. He wants to develop church services that meet needs of people who “connect differently.”





Need and Need-Merit Scholarships

East Liberty Presbyterian Church Scholarship Funds
Includes the L. W. Hicks Scholarship, the Dr. Stuart Nye Hutchinson Scholarship, and the William Robinson Scholarship

East Main Presbyterian Church: The Alice and Margaret McCoy Scholarship Fund
Established in 1968 by the church’s Women’s Association

Fox Chapel Presbyterian Church Scholarship Funds
Includes the Donn and Quata Greenshield Memorial Scholarship Fund established in 1962; the John K. Bibby Scholarship Endowment established in 1981; and the Fox Chapel Presbyterian Church Endowed Scholarship created for Presbyterian students at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Ebony Taylor, Master of Arts Student 

Serving as a social worker in the Woodland Hills School District for a decade, Ebony Taylor is continuing to set an example for her children by following God’s call, now also as an evening student at PTS. “Education and faith are extremely important to me, and I want to be a role model for my children in both areas of life,” says Ebony. From a family of five generations of pastors, two years ago she felt God saying, “You’re living a good life, Ebony, but not necessarily the one I intended.” So she decided to “get on God’s program.” “I do a lot of informal counseling, and I want to continue to do that in a biblically well informed way,” she notes.



Latrobe Presbyterian Church: The Rev. Robert R. Vogelsang Memorial Fund
Established in 1983 by the church in honor of their long-time pastor

Shadyside Presbyterian Church: The Titus Basfield Scholarship Fund
Established in 1994 with a lead gift from the church in recognition of the first African American student to graduate from a Presbyterian Seminary in the United States, and awarded to an African-American student (Titus Basfield graduated in 1842 from Canonsburg Seminary, an antecedent of Pittsburgh Seminary.)

The Presbyterian Church, Sewickley: The Ray H. Pierson Scholarship
Established in 1989 with a lead gift from the church in recognition of Rev. Pierson’s 40 years of ministry in the Pittsburgh Presbytery

Westminster Presbyterian Church: The John H. Galbreath Scholarship Endowment
Established in 1984 by the Upper St. Clair (Pa.) church and made possible through a generous bequest from Margaret and Ed Stockdale

Marco Tinor, Thomas J. and Janet Rigdon Jackson Scholar
Marco Tinor began his seminary career by taking evening classes while working full time to finance his education. Recently he decided to give up his job to enroll as a full-time student and to serve as an associate minister at a large urban church in Pittsburgh. Making ends meet isn’t easy, especially now that Marco is also fulfilling a mentored field education assignment. “I feel called to ministry, and I’m glad I made the decision to increase my study time at PTS,” says Marco. “But it definitely takes stepping out in faith to leave your full-time job without knowing how the bills will get paid from one semester to the next!”




The Dorothy P. Hardy Honor Scholarship Endowment Fund
Established in 2000 by Dorothy Pierce Hardy of Westminster Presbyterian Church (Upper St. Clair, Pa.)

The Andrew Reed Scholarship
For the entering student who achieves the highest grade in a competitive English Bible exam

The Malinda Louise Rust Stewart Memorial Scholarship
Established in 2003 by William F. Shannon through his estate

The Lee Anna Starr Endowed Scholarship
Established in honor of the first female graduate of Pittsburgh Seminary (Lee Anna Starr graduated in 1893 from the Allegheny Theological School, an antecedent institution of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, and was ordained in the Methodist Protestant Church in 1895.)

Simeon Harrar, Westminster Presbyterian Church – John H. Galbreath Scholar
Simeon Harrar is glad for the visionary leadership of modern-day “friends” following a first-century example. He received an outside scholarship through the Apollos Program, named after the eloquent Christian in Acts 18:24-26 who needed further education. “Fortunately, his friends were compelled to support him and arranged for additional training so that he could teach the Good News with authority,” reads the program’s description. Simeon’s academic and leadership abilities became evident already in his first year at PTS. But his need to seek additional financial support outside the Seminary points to the same need shared by virtually all our students, who are headed for financially sacrificial vocations.



Doctor of Ministry Scholarships

First Presbyterian Church of Kirkwood, Missouri: The Lewis R. Thomas Scholarship Endowment
Established in 1996 by the church and the family of its pastor from 1983-1995

The Glenn and Dorothy L. Mowers Scholarship Fund
Established in 2002 through the bequest of Dorothy L. Mowers, and awarded to pastors serving small churches

Cindy Alloway '13, Science & Theology Focus
For Cindy Alloway, continued learning about how to integrate theological and scientific knowledge in her pastoral ministry is energizing. “It enhances my ability to develop cutting-edge ministry skills by learning from experts,” she says. Also a psychiatric nurse therapist, Cindy provided care for sexual assault victims before accepting a pastoral call in missions and pastoral care. “The love of God is most effectively preached with loving actions that work hand in hand with people to meet their most basic needs,” says Cindy. For that reason, she and her husband started Foundation for Peace, working in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Kenya to provide medical care and construction assistance.




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