Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Course Descriptions

Term 1 2014 - 2015

BI01  The Shape and Content of the Bible

BI30  C.S. Lewis and the Bible

CH01  Historical Studies I

CH48  Christianity and Politics (Evening)

ET01  Introduction to Ethics

EV11  Evangelism in Context

HM11 Voice and Speech Practicum

HM47  Preaching the Parables

HM56  Gender, Power, and the Pulpit (Evening)

MI01  Christianity in a Global World

MS02  Theological Reflection on Ministry

MS50  The Anglican Way: Episcopal Heritage and Practice

NT03  Greek I.Durlesser

NT03S Summer Greek I.Platt

NT04S Summer Greek II.Platt

NT05S New Testament Exegesis (Summer Class)

NT40  Greek Reading

OT01  Historical Books (Day and Evening)

OT03  Hebrew.Tappy (Daytime)

OT03E Hebrew.Platt (Evening)

OT03S Summer Hebrew I.Creach

OT04S Summer Hebrew II.Creach

OT05S Hebrew Exegesis.Creach

OT32  The Book of Ezekiel

OT40  Hebrew Reading

PC21  Classical Texts in Pastoral Care

PD02  Spiritual Formation

PD04  Celtic Christianity

PD05  Wisdom of the Desert

PS01  Pastoral Studies: Education

ST463  History of the United Methodist Church (Wesley)

TH03  Church and Sacraments

TH82  Pauline Exegetes

TH84 Barth's Church Dogmatics

WS01  Introduction to Worship